A New Beginning and an Amazing Year

What a truly incredible 2015 we’ve had! This was a year of new beginnings for Chance the Arm. We said farewell to our dear friend and former bassist Paul Jefferies, and welcomed Travis Earnshaw into the Chance the Arm Family. He has not disappointed, and came out swinging like a true professional! We traveled to Minnesota and all around the region, meeting a wealth of new people and making new friends on stage and off stage. So as we prepare for our holiday show at O’Malley’s, we wanted to let you know what is on the horizon for 2016!

Back in the Studio

That’s right! We’re making time to record a brand new album and get it in your hands for 2016. We’ve been doing what we do best; producing great original arrangements of Celtic music, and writing some of our own original music! We’re very excited to showcase what we’ve been up to, and the best way to do that is put it on an album for your listening enjoyment.

We will announce the details of our recording plans soon, and make sure that you have access to witness our album come together piece by piece!

Kansas City Celtic Rock

While we handle things on the music front, we are working to change things up a bit for you; our friends and fans! Very soon, we’ll be debuting a new logo as well as exciting new merchandise. We want to show you that we are Kansas City Celtic Rock through and through, and the only way we can think to do that is change things up a little bit! We will announce more details soon, so stay tuned!